Cathedral Square – The Heart of Christchurch

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The very centre of Christchurch known as the Cathedral Square – is a historical landmark with many stories attached to it. This chronological attraction also regarded as the geographical centre of New Zealand is also known as "Square". The Christchurch Anglican cathedral is also located within its vicinity.

The very first public statue of New Zealand was unveiled in 1867 – the statue of the founder John Robert Godley, the city's founder still overlooks the beautiful square today.  However, over the years the square has seen a tremendous amount of reconstruction, some of the squares significant changes were the using of new tiling and new roads for transportation methods.

Today, the square is among the most visited tourist attractions in Christchurch. A place where people from all walks of life are gathered to enjoy a day full of activity, conversation, sightseeing or taking a well deserved break from ones everyday life. The square is further a place for people to meet and play a game of street chess, admire the public art showcased, visit the ancient old post office and the cathedral.

What's more, visitors to this location will be delighted to find an assortment of dining options to suit ones appetitive. From fast food to fine dining and coffee to a bagal, almost all your cravings will be satisfied. The square offers a variety of cafes, restaurants and bars for the discerning traveller. 

A spectacle to discover at the Square is "The Chalice" completed and displayed in 2000. This large modern sculptor looks like a cone that rises above the Anglican cathedral. The creation designed by world-renowned artist Neil Dawson, portrays different native plants accumulating to around forty-two leaf patterns and flowers.

Another exciting extravagance for a visitor to indulge in is the daily market located at the square. This shopping experience is a must, with an array of options to choose from that are of New Zealand origin; you can find affordable goods such as possum far, greenstone, garments, backpacker fashion and outdoor sporting gear.

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Cathedral Square – The Heart of Christchurch

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This article was published on 2010/09/16